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Treasure Box NZ

Our company relocated from Dunedin to Auckland in 2014 and Tony was then referred to us by some friends, Tony has now become an important business advisor to us. In the last two years, Tony has given us the opportunity to transform our business for the better by enhancing our business structures, eliminating our tax and remodelling our cash flow cycle. Tony also provides us with effective and comprehensive tax solutions including Tax Pooling and Audit Shield Insurance.

Tony offers us tailor-made financial services, we have quarterly management meetings and every time we can see our improvements, he keeps us accountable to our goals. I personally, have 14 years of management experience and Tony is helping me to gain a lot of new financial knowledge and business ideas from each of our meetings.

As professional and qualified chartered accountants, and business advisors, they are always challenging our decisions or asking us to see our options from another angle. Their expertise helps us to formulate better strategic plans. This year we are undergoing a series of business transformations and Tony is always the first business consultant we go to seek advice from.

We trust Tony and his professionalism. If you are looking for an accountant who is eager to help you, who puts himself in your shoes, who is committed to protecting you and who is responsible, Tony and his team, are your best choice.

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